Husband launches murderous attempt on wife with lethal weapon

Karkala: In a shocking incident, a 27-year-old man launched a murderous attempt on his wife here at Kukkudadi, Hermunde in Karkala on Wednesday.

The man, Santhosh Poojary assaulted his wife Anushree(23) with lethal weapons severing both her hands and legs. She is currently battling for life at a hospital in Manipal.

As per reports, Santhosh a distant relative of Anushree had fallen in love with her even when she disliked him.
On knowing that Anushree was not willing marry him, he had once barged into her house with a sword and had threatened to kill Anushree and her family members if Anushree was not married off to him. Succumbing to the threats the family decided to marry off Anushree to Santhosh and after marriage Santhosh returned to Thane in Maharashtra, where he was worked as a manager for a lodge.

Anushree, on the other hand moved to Bengaluru to work after her studies.On becoming aware of this Santhosh took her to Mumbai but differences developed between two. Anushree’s mother moved in with them to resolve their differences, but to no avail and she along with her daughter returned to their native place on Jan 27.

As Anushree was returning home having alighted from the bus, Santhosh Poojary is said to arrived suddenly and assaulted her with a sword mutilating her limbs.

Police have registered against Santhosh Poojary.

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