Kadiyali temple gate – MLA and Trustee engaged in verbal tussle

Mahisha Mardini temple at Kadiyali usually closes the temple gate from 1 pm till 4 pm every day , this decision was taken by the administrative committeeof the temple

This action caused a lot of issues to the residents who depend on this gate access and they were complaying that they were facing a lot of issues.

There were lot of arguments were going on between the residents and the temple administrative committeefor many days

Raghupati Bhat, MLA of Udupi faced the same challenge and made to wait for an hour near the gate of the temple as it was closed.  Earlier residents bought this issue to the notice of the MLA and on Sunday, MLA, who was visiting the area for ‘Kesarda Gobbu’ programme, organized by the Kadiyali Ganeshotsava Samiti, and got stuck and had to get the gate opened after giving information to DC and the police department.

Srinivas Hebbar while speaking the MLA said, “According to the ‘Ashtamanagala Prashne’, it is not allowed to bring vehicles inside the temple premises. Earlier, many vehicles have collided with the ‘Kshetrapala’ of the temple and have damaged the same. That is why this action is taken.”

MLA Bhat questioned Hebbar and said, “Whether this decision of the temple does not affect the residents of 50 houses who have to cross the temple premises to reach their houses?”

MLA , later assured to the residents that  a meeting will be called within a week between the district officials and the temple administrative committee to resolve the issue.

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