Modi will lose next Lok Sabha polls,Cong will win Assembly elections: Rahul

Bengaluru/Chikkamagaluru: All-India Congress Committee (AICC) President Rahul Gandhi today said Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going to lose next general elections and Congress is going to win the upcoming state elections in Karnataka with a bang.

“Four years of Modi’s rule has gone by and he had made big speeches, and there is only a year left for his rule, and I would like to tell to the party workers, that the same kind of (mis) rule is going to continue, and Modi is going to lose the next election,” he said addressing Jana Ashirwada Yatre at Chickmagaluru.

The people of the country would vote Modi out because they would like to see the Prime Minister speak the truth and language of love and brotherhood, instead of speeches filled with hate, Gandhi said.

“Modi will lose because, when India looks at the Prime Minister, they want to hear truth. They don’t want to hear hatred-laden speeches. They want to hear language of love and brotherhod. They also know, without truth, this country cannot move forward, and this forms the foundation of cosmic principles,” he said.

Gandhi also assured party workers by saying that the Congress will win the next assembly elections with a bang.

“I want to tell to the Congress workers and leaders, who have stood behind us, that the Congress will win the next Karnataka election with a bang. This I am telling because of the experience I had traversing the parts of Karnataka,” he said.

Gandhi said a Prime Minister in India only becomes successful when his heart is filled with love and empathy, without which the country cannot be run.

He also said Vajpayee, as an opposition leader, had respect for the people of India and never minced words of previous prime ministers not having done any work for the development of India.

“A Prime Minister becomes successful when his heart is filled with love and empathy, without which India cannot be run. Vajpayee was an opposition leader, but he respected the people of India. I heard his speeches many a times, and those speeches he never made any comments that before him there was no work related to development,” he said.

Hitting out at Jay Shah, BJP President Amit Shah’s son, Gandhi said Modi doesn’t see corruption in B S Yeddyurappa or Shah’s wealth.

He neither sees corruption in Nirav Modi running away after looting crores, nor tells the price of Rafale fighter aircraft and why he gave the deal to his industrialist friend.

Gandhi said BJP and RSS are trying to divide the country.

Gandhi said China is building helipads and airports at India’s borders in Doklam but Modi is silent and no important issues of this nation are addressed by him.

Gandhi said the even young minds have clear understanding of spirituality and religion, but Modi fails to understand what ‘Satyameva Jayate’ means and engages in peddling lies.

Thanking the support Indira Gandhi received here post-Emergency period where she won the elections and subsequently shot back to power at the centre, Gandhi said they stood by his grandmother during her toughest days and helped her achieve a historic win from here.

“In crisis, you had helped Indiraji, and I cannot forget this. If ever you require my help, I will make myself available for you, where ever I am,” he said.

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