Protests over denial of cabinet berths -Congress under fire

Bengaluru: The Congress high command in the state is in a firefighting mode as several disgruntled Congress MLAs who did not get a ministerial birth in the coalition government held a series of meetings, sources close to the party claimed.

Former minister and Congress MLA M B Patil held a series of meetings with 16 other MLAs on the heels of the expansion of the cabinet. Ishwar Khandre, B C Patil, Roshan Baig, Haris, Narayanamurthi, H Anjaneya, H K Patil, Rahim Khan and Raghumurthi were among the MLAs who attended the meeting at M B Patil’s residence, sources claimed.

Earlier today  KPCC office saw massive protests by the supporters of Rohan Baig and   Ramalinga Reddy.

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