Rahul Gandhi visited Durgah of the Saint Syed Mohammad Sherifulla Madani- Ullal

Ullal:  Congress President Rahul Gandhi visited the Durgah of the Saint Syed Mohammad Sherifulla Madani- Ullal and offered prayers . He was accompanied by CM Siddaramaih , Minister UT Khader, Minister Ramananth Rai and other Congress Leaders.

Minister UT Khader, MLA of Ullal, made all the arrangement for this visit and a huge crowd gathered to get a glimpse of the young Congress president , who is on his visit to Dakhsina Karnataka of his Jana Aashirwada Yatre

The Ullal darga famous for Uroos fair has an interesting history behind its presence. Located about 10 kms from the heart of the city the darga is easily accessible by buses, auto-rickshaws ans taxis. The Dargah to commemorate Saint Sayyid Mohammed Shareeful Madani, located in Ullal in South Kanara, has been drawing pilgrims from all faiths. Legend has it that about 400 years ago, Sayyid Muhammed Shareeful Madani came to Mangalore from Saudi Arabia, reaching the shores of Ullal by floating on a piece of cloth. He camped in a small mosque at Melangadi in Ullal village where he led asimple life showering his love on the poor.

People from Ullal, Pemannur and neighbouring villages of Someshwar, Munnur, Kotekar and Jeppinamogaru consider this as the central Jumma Masjid. He became famous among the villagers because of his kindness and his treatment of the sick through prayers.

Many miracles have been credited to this saint and to this day, people from all communities come to Ullal mosque to seek his blessings.


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