Trees, Santa, Reindeer & Snowmen: You Have To Check Out This Mall’s Gorgeous Christmas Decor

Orio Mall in Yeshwantpur is cranking it all up for Christmas this year with trees, Santa, snowmen and glitter giant bells. Plu, their lakeside is also done up in dreamy fairy lights. It is indeed a sight to behold.

Couldn’t make it to London’s awesome Winter Wonderland? Fear not, we couldn’t either. So you can imagine our glee when we wandered into Orion Mall in Yeshwantpur, and saw that they have gone all out on the decor, and it’s like being in Santa’s home! The entire facade, driveway and trees, have been done up in fairy lights, and the lakeside area looks like a fairytale! Inside the mall, forget tacky red and green decoration, the whole place has been transformed into a magical space with giant glitter bells hanging {red and gold, for a change!} from the ceiling, all the pillars covered in lights, and corners made to look like they are life size mistletoe creepers. See, told you it’s like Winter Wonderland, minus the Christmas market.



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