You Have To Try The OTT Franken Shakes That TGIFridays Is Now Serving Up

Loading up on sweetness and plenty of drama, TGIFridays has launched its range of Franken Shakes this season. Aptly named, these monstrous shakes are sinful and indulgent {calorie counters, stay away from these} and come in four instagrammable varieties.

Chocoholics should try the Whole Lotta Choc-Co-Lat Shake that is topped with whipped cream, brownies, chocolate kisses, donuts, finished with a generous drizzle of chocolate sauce on top. Wanna party like it’s your birthday? Go for their Celebrate Cake Franken Shake which is a classic vanilla milkshake with a theatric twist as this number is topped with cupcakes, glazed donuts and rainbow sprinkles. Like the folks at TGIFridays put it, it’s basically a party in a glass. The Strawberry Cheesecake Franken Shake lets you drink your favourite dessert complete with whipped cream, cheese and strawberry swiss rolls, blueberries and strawberries. Following this fruity pattern, comes the Peanut Brittle Franken Shake, a banana milkshake with caramelised bananas, peanut brittle, whipped cream, banana slices doused in a caramel sauce. Yep! We’re salivating already and we’re all set to head down to any of their outlets in the city to try them all out. We’ll see you there!

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